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One bucket should make at least 4 2″ strips, so one sacrificed bucket will do for four swamp coolers, so going in with friends means less waste. An improvised alternative is fine, too, this is not a precision venture. OSH carries rolls sold by the foot: You only need about 13″. Two Computer cooling fans, mmx mm, 12v: Get the Scythe Kaze, the 3, rpm model, here: Find an alternate with similar specs, or use this alternative pump: It draws about milliamps. Flexible conduit to direct cooled air: Cost and type varies.

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At the swamp cooler, the water hook-up is usually located on an exterior corner of the cooler. This is a direct connection to the float assembly inside the cooler. Pull the water line out the top of the roof jack and route to this location.

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The swamp cooler and the sprinklers system are hooked up to the same water valve system. and everytime I turn the water squires out of a opening on the side, where I think they hook up the air hose to blow out the sprinklers in the winter.

Become an Appliance Expert. Subscribe to our Knowledge Base! These evaporative coolers are portable, powerful and practical. They can be used in a variety of areas. For more than twenty years, Port-A-Cool has offered some of the best coolers on the market. In fact, the company is a global leader in the industry. Highly Effective These highly efficient evaporative coolers are manufactured in the Port-A-Cool facility with multiple check points throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The company carefully tests each motor, pump and reservoir to ensure that everything is operating as designed. For further product testing, Port-A-Cool also has an internal engineering department that continuously tests the performance of the fans, as well as their durability and efficiency. Finally, the products are also tested through ETL and all of the products are certified for the utmost safety.

In fact, each product are ETL listed and the logos are placed on each product’s data plate. Can Be Used Anywhere Depending on the model of Port-A-Cool chosen, these highly popular evaporative coolers can be used in a wide variety of places such as to cool workers and equipment in manufacturing facilities, onsite at oil and gas exploration locations, the automotive industry, sporting events, personal hobby shops, barns to cool animals and work areas, and even in backyards or practically any type of outdoor event.

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The price is right – evaporative coolers also called swamp coolers can cost up to half the price of compressor-based air conditioners with similar cooling capacities. Evaporative coolers also use less energy to run – as much as 4 times less – which makes them appealing to anyone who is worried about the environment, or to those who just want to save a buck on their electric bills.

It’s important, though, that you pay attention to evaporative cooler sizing when you’re making your purchase. There are many choices available in the market, and choosing a unit of the wrong size will leave you feeling dissatisfied. In this short guide, we’ll show you the basics of evaporative cooler sizing so you can make the right selection to meet your needs, and you won’t be left feeling the heat!

May 19,  · After 25 years with a swamp cooler, I’m ready for an air conditioner. The more you spend up front on a high SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating – the more you will save down the line. It is easier to do all of the sweating and hook up outside of the closet area – .

How to Wire a Swamp Cooler Switch by John Cagney Nash Wiring a window- or wall-mounted swamp cooler is usually as simple as plugging the cooler into an outlet and switching it on. Normally there is no heavy duty supply harness to be run or thermostat connections to be made, as are required by air conditioning systems. However, some swamp coolers are located on roof-mounted platforms, and these require the installation of a multi-conductor cable between the cooler and a switch positioned conveniently in the home.

Wiring the switch is a straightforward and uncomplicated project. Determine which size multi-conductor cable you will need by checking whether the swamp cooler’s motor is or single- or twin-speed. The single-speed motor will require four-conductor cable to function, and the twin-speed motor will require five-conductor cable.

Buy sufficient cable that runs need not be stretched tight through the roof void or crimped around corners. Route a gauge volt hot wire, usually color-coded black or red, to the location of the switch there is typically no need for a ground or neutral wire to the switch. The reverse of the switch will have four terminals, typically marked “L1,” “1,” “2” and “C.

Typically a red wire operates the motor’s low speed and is connected to terminal “1,” a black wire operates the motor’s high speed and is connected to terminal “C” and an orange wire operates the pump and is connected to terminal “2. Tip A six-position rotary switch has a position for off, low-speed fan, high-speed fan, low-speed fan with pump, high-speed fan with pump and pump only.

If your swamp cooler only has one fan speed, wire the fan to terminal “1. Warning Ensure the volt power is switched off at the circuit breaker before handling the hot wire. Items you will need.

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switches and wiring If you have a window mounted, side-discharge unit, simply plug it into the wall, connect the water line outside the home, and use the panel mounted switches to operate your swamper.

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Replacing A Swamp Cooler Float Valve

It’s not efficient, and does about as much cold air as a seltzer bottle. You have to wind it in a coil for the coolant to actually have any effect, whatsoever. Seriously am gonna make this! Just get a pump that does not need to be submerged.

Hire the Best Swamp Cooler Repair Services in Longmont, CO on HomeAdvisor. Compare Homeowner Reviews from 5 Top Longmont Swamp Cooler Repair services. Get Quotes & Book Instantly. Comment: The swamp cooler is hooked up to the water line but leaks water. The overflow system appears to be in need of repair. The system was installed in our attic.

Since I moved in at the beginning of October, I’m not sure how great it works at cooling the bedroom, so I’m trying to set up a gameplan for when it starts getting warmer. The master and secondary bedrooms have vents in the ceiling for the swamp cooler to exhaust through, without having to open a window. This is nice, as it has the dual effect of cooling the attic as well.

During winter, I’ve had insulation covering the holes, keeping my heat in. I keep the bedroom door closed to keep the cat out. If I didn’t, she’d be in the middle of the bed, or on top of me, which annoys me to no end. I can’t get rid of the cat, or else the girlfriend is going too. I’d like to keep this girlfriend around for a while.

How do I hook up a water jug to my water cooler?

Metro Heating and Cooling, Inc. Evaporative coolers circulate water across pads or other media. Air is blown across the pads, evaporating the water. This evaporation is a cooling process, cooling the air as it enters your house. Properly designed, a cooler will lightly pressurize the house with cool fresh air.

As best I recall, a swamp cooler is a unit that pulls the warm (dry) air through a ‘water curtain’ and thereby cools it by taking heat energy out to evaporate water.

It was installed in the window at the previous owner’s house. It was hung from hooks that were installed just under the eave of the roof. The window was smaller in width and height than my office window where I’d like to install it. My office window is the typical size of bedroom windows from houses built around Supposedly the cooler was hung from the eave and then inserted into the window.

It was hooked up to a water facet outside by using a T-type system.

How To Connect A Water Line To A Swamp Cooler