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The news broke on January 1st when both parties confirmed to an online news site that they have begun to date. This is the first time for both of them to officially announce a relationship. Both of them have been a role model of sorts in the industry in the way that they carried themselves in the music scene. They are both widely acknowledged as model citizens who are never in the center of a scandal. Both of them are attendees of Dongguk University. Yoona is currently attending Dongguk Univerysity as a Theater and Music major. Lee Seung Gi is her upperclassman. Not only that, but the two have followed similar paths in that they began as singers and debuted as actors soon thereafter. He also won the Best Actor Award for the role. According to the media outlet, after returning from Japan, the singer was spotted heading to an apartment in Samsungdong, which is where he picked up YoonA.

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Life and career[ edit ] — Entertainment Open Audition when she was in fifth grade. Entertainment and eventually debuted in South Korea as a member of the girl group Girls’ Generation in August

On March 28, girlgroup SNSD opened the baseball game between Doosan Bear vs KIA Tigers which took place at the Seoul Jamsil Baseball Stadium.. Youngest member SeoHyun was the first pitcher at the opening game whilst Yoona was doing her role as the first batter. And leader Taeyeon also joined the 2 as she g ave her beautiful voice and sings the national anthem.

It was Li Yin who told Chun to deny her existence. She wanted to live a low-profile life, and I respected her decision. I wanted to guard her well. I had no choice but to lie in order to protect our relationship. Like Li Ying, Chun also comes from a very privileged and wealthy family in Brunei. According to Chun, Li Ying was a relative of his brother-in-law. Chun said their first encounter was awkward, but after getting to know each other some more, he admired her personality.

Soon, he fell in love. One year I picked her up from school every day too. In , Li Ying gave birth to their first born daughter, Nei Nei. She would also often visit Chun in Taiwan. In , rumors of Chun being a father began to surface, and many reporters traveled to Brunei to scour more information. The magazine that broke the information reported that Chun suddenly requested for a month and a half leave from his company so he could return to Brunei and take care of his sick father.

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During the next year, Taeyeon accompanied her father from their hometown to Seoul on every Sunday to receive her vocal lessons from The One. In a interview, he described Taeyeon as a “smart” student, someone “unlike others who came to him with dreams of becoming a celebrity She first contributed her vocals to ” ” featuring Kangta , a track taken from both Girls’ Generation’s eponymous debut album and Kangta’s fourth studio album, Eternity She was cast in a lead role in the musical Midnight Sun , an adaptation of the Japanese novel of the same name

Girls’ Generation is a popular nine-member South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in The members are, in order of announcement to be in the group, Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon (leader), Jessica, and Sunny.

SNSD’s public relationships, ‘will it affect their popularity’ Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver 1. They’re one of the only girl groups to reach this milestone and there isn’t any other girl group to follow them in terms of beauty, talent, and teamwork unless SM comes out with a new girl group. As for dating rumors, well The members are great at managing their images, however, and Sones are extremely loyal, which is how they’ve made it this far.

Fans know just how hard the girls have been working for them.

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Life and career[ edit ] — Early life and career beginnings[ edit ] Yoona was born on May 30, [1] in Yeongdeungpo-gu of Seoul , South Korea. Her family consists of her father and an older sister by five years.

Girls’ Generation (кор: 소녀시대, ром: So Nyeo Shi Dae, рус. сонё сидэ) — южнокорейская группа, состоящая из восьми участниц и основанная компанией SM Entertainment в году.. Международное название — Girls’ Generation, фанаты также используют.

In fact, their chemistry raised rumors that the two make a great couple. Moreover, they are reportedly dating after being close for the tvN drama. The chemistry of “The K2″‘s lead cast was very evident all over its episode series. Both stars recently shared details of their first kissing scene. According to them, they were not very close yet when the series had to be filmed. However, they just “rushed” their getting-to-know-each-other phase to get into the groove.

This resulted to what many said was a “very believable” first kiss for Je Ha and An Na. With this, some fans speculate that the two might be dating however, the two never confirmed it. When we first met in Spain, we struggled in getting to know each other,” the actress said. Because we had the same goal in mind, after the scene, we became much closer,” she added. Whatever acting I did, he would say, Do as you like. He helped with the detailed acting.

Girls’ Generation (少女時代) – THE GREAT ESCAPE

I made this widget at MyFlashFetish. Even one trivial use, will clean the environment, like your skin. Innisfree model Yoona teaches and proposes to use the eco handkerchief. Some of the text was illegible, so I tried to just write the gist. Picnic Type, Snack Type…Instead of napkin, eco handkerchief!

On March 28, girlgroup SNSD opened the baseball game between Doosan Bear vs KIA Tigers which took place at the Seoul Jamsil Baseball Stadium.. Youngest member SeoHyun was the first pitcher at the opening game whilst Yoona was doing her role as the first batter. And leader Taeyeon also joined the 2 as she g ave her beautiful voice and sings the national anthem.

In , she was chosen as a member of the nine-member girl group that debuted on August 5, In addition to her group activities, Jessica released two singles with Seohyun and Tiffany: Though she was the one singing the harmony and adlibs, she is not seen in the music video. Jessica made her musical theatre debut in the South Korean production of Legally Blonde , alongside Lee Ha-nui and Kim Ji-woo; [9] the production opened on November 14, Jessica released a digital single titled “Sweet Delight” on October 13, Her first performance was on November The company also stated that Girls’ Generation would continue to promote with eight members while it would still manage her solo activities.

On August 6, , SM Entertainment released an official statement stating that the company and the former member of Girls’ Generation had officially parted ways. She took a part in Chinese sport’s variety show YES! Coach as well, where she participated in a swimming competition after being trained by professional swimmer Sun Yang. Jessica then became the main host of the beauty show Beauty Bible, alongside Kim Jae-kyung.

In February, Jessica announced that her first solo album would be released under her new agency, Coridel Entertainment. Jung wrote and composed four of the six tracks. A video for the second single, “Love Me the Same,” was released the following day on May 18,

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Your place for Chinese dramas, Korean dramas and more with a soft spot for wuxia and anything historical. Imagine a panda watching dramas past the wee ours of the night, that’s us. It reads as follows.

Menunjukkan dukungan untuk Sooyoung, member SNSD bergantian mengunjunginya di lokasi syuting. Sebelumnya Taeyeon, Tiffany dan Seohyun tampil di lokasi dramanya untuk tunjukkan dukungan. Kali ini giliran Yoona yang mendukung member SNSD tersebut.

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are dating! Video embeddedAs the main character of the story that broke out on the first day of , Girls Generation Yoona talked about Lee Seung Gi. Video embeddedWhat a way to start off the new year! Dispatch has struck again, revealing a new pair of Hallyu lovebirds: Star News reported on August 13 that the two top. As I mentioned through this article, Seung Gi is trying to protect his girlfriend, refrain from commenting about her in public.

Lee Seung Gi’s new film ‘Today’s Love’ was released in January , and he was interviewed by various Korean media outlets. Yoona and lee seung gi dating pictures scheme. Plan to rent a car for a long term serious committed relationship with a same copy of that Ventures Consultants Limited The Korean showbiz started the new year with a dating news!

According to media outlet Dispatch, nation’s mothers’s friend’s son Lee Seung. Im Yoona Yoona and actorsinger Lee Seunggi are confirmed to be dating. Both their agencies have responded to the exclusive news by Dispatch, a tabloid which has a great.

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This article, from early this month, tries to get at the heart of the issue. This story, however, is ongoing and many details may continue to be revealed. Even for minor cases, its good to take measure of the gains and losses. You have to verify who has been falsely accused, and who is the real victim.

mlh kyk yuri nggak ky yoona/jessica mrp bgt tau ma yuri mgkn mlh sdra nya yuri eh nggak deh aq sich cuex2 bebek aja q kan sknya bkn mrka tapi lbh suka sma sooyoung N yoona .

Totally free dating sites in usa Taecyeon and yoona dating – Taecyeon And Yoona Dating The two will put on a special performance with a deep storyline. All the latest episode about Hello Counselor. Let me lay it down for you. Taecyeon and Yoona have been dating secretly, they get in a fight over a. One of the segment’s featured Taecyeon taecyeon and yoona dating Yoona.

Taecyeon and yoona dating, May 25, Drama Taecyeon and Yoona are dating questionnaire questions dating. Taecyeon was born in Seoul, South Korea, but immigrated at the age of 10, with his parents and older sister Jihyen to Bedford, Massachusetts, a small town. Jang Geun Suk and Yoona.

H:Connect Appoints Yoona As New Face Of Their Fall/Winter Campaign

Your place for Chinese dramas, Korean dramas and more with a soft spot for wuxia and anything historical. Imagine a panda watching dramas past the wee ours of the night, that’s us. Princess of Lanling King’s Peng Guan Ying and Kristy Zhang posted by Anne J on November 28, Leave a comment This is literally just gossip that has been circling the rumor mill for a while and if you are still interested, then keep on reading.

Having had her start as a singer in a Chinese variety show called Super Girl in , Zhang’s showbiz career was the opposite of smooth-sailing due to problems with her previous management company though it makes her comeback all the more satisfying as the beautiful Princess Lanling. The same goes for Peng Guan Yin who has been in a number of dramas but never quite the showstopper.

Weekly Idol SNSD Yuri (소녀시대 유리) Girls’ Generation Random Play Dance by YouTube 2 days ago 2 days ago [Comeback Stage] Girls’ Generation – , 소녀시대 – .

Some of you might have fallen off you chair when you heard about the news in Actually, before they admitted they were lovers, there already had been a rumor about the two stars in the k-pop world. Quite a few people had a firm belief, but no one could get the evidence. They have many things in common. For example, both of them are active not only as singers but also as main characters of dramas.

With the same dream, they have been through troubled times together as reliable friends and sometimes as critics to each other. He picked yoona up at the parking lot of her apartment, and they drove to nearby backstreet. They had a secret talk in the car, and sometimes went for a drive to Han River or Namsan Park. Actually, the two were the neighborhood residents, and it did help them save time. And as you know, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are top stars, and they live in a whirl of business.

So, they had to take time out of their busy schedules to have date.

[News] Lee Seung Gi & SNSD YoonA Dating Behind Stroy