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What Is My IP? Your test results may vary at different times of the day due to network congestion, etc. To get a good understanding of your bandwidth burst averages, run the test at different times of the day. Provided by broadband speedchecker The internet speed test can also be used as a tool to help determine if there is something wrong with your broadband link. If your favorite web site is loading slow, you can come here and do an internet speed test and know if it’s your link or the server where the web site resides. If your test results are comparable to past results, then you know it’s not your line having a problem.

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The connection works through your usual broadband internet connection, so there’s no extra charge for using wi-fi. To set up a home wi-fi network, you need a wi-fi compatible modem or router, and an account with a broadband internet service provider. The procedure for this varies from model to model, and it’s best if you consult the manual that came with it for more instructions. However, here are a few things you should do when setting up your home wi-fi network: Give your network a memorable name, so you know which network to connect to on your portable devices.

Jacks and Wiring Learn about jacks and wiring. As a residential customer, you are responsible for the wiring inside of your home. Wire maintenance may not be your responsibility if you live in an apartment, dorm, condo, co-op, nursing home or other group living facility.

Sure, I could get rid of cable completely. Comcast has since updated their speeds and pricing, so research what the current offerings are in your area, and substitute in the script. How to Cut your Comcast Bill: I picked up the phone and called XFinity customer service number: This should get you connected to an XFinity retention specialist, who have a little more power to offer discounts than other customer service reps, or so the theory goes.

I lead my negotiation with the competition. My discussion was almost identical to this — and this Comcast script has reportedly worked well for hundreds of readers: OK, may I ask why? This is the price we offer new customers. Do you have a package with less cable channels? Would you like to do this? OK, please make the switch. Score another one vs. Stay Congenial I want to point out that I was friendly, yet confident with the service rep.

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April 13, , Reason for my suggestion, it seems that some ISP Modems have built in router. Some can be disabled or bridged and effectively turning that function off with in the modem and giving that duty to the external router, i. In some cases however, we’ve seen that in most recent ISP Modems, they are making it hard to let the modem and external router interact with each other. One reason is that ISP are providing more than just Internet service, there providing voice and video services as well, as this is all being handled by the ISP Modem.

Thus bridging is not an option on some of these modems.

How does centurylink internet hookup, To connect to the, internet, make sure your computer is connected to your modem and open a web browser. Main Page Sitemap. How does centurylink internet hookup. toll-free today. Once the cord is plugged in, the phone indicator light should power.

However, the conditions attached to the extra cash made further deployment “uneconomic,” so the company will have to settle at this first target to begin with. There is some hope for countryside folk: CenturyLink mavens have filed a waiver application which, if granted, would let the company connect a further 60, homes where service is currently too expensive to install.

The FCC has made its own announcement, pledging that it’ll connect up to , unconnected citizens in the next three years and up to seven million in six. The full text is after the jump. However, restrictions on the use of the CAF 1 funds made further deployment uneconomic. In addition to the incremental CAF funding, we are investing millions of dollars of our own money to bring robust broadband services to more customers because we believe these services will bring essential educational and economic opportunities to high-cost, rural areas of the country,” said Steve Davis, CenturyLink executive vice president for public policy and government relations.

Therefore, we will continue working with the FCC to find ways to efficiently and effectively use additional CAF 1 funds to provide broadband services to our rural customers. This waiver has been supported by the Washington Public Service Commission, the Minnesota Department of Commerce and other state agencies. Many projects will begin immediately, and all projects must be completed within three years.

Nationally, nearly 19 million rural residents currently lack access to broadband.

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Port Hadlock, WA 5. Port Gamble, WA Lopez Island, WA Port Angeles, WA Friday Harbor, WA

Thanks to many U.S. internet providers, public and private broadband initiatives, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and expanding array of cheap internet plans are available to millions of low-income Americans suffering through a difficult economy.

The cable and media company is dropping its bid, instead focusing on its pursuit of the European pay-TV operator Sky. Double Whammy Makes for Spotty Comcast Day Internet provider reports 2 separate cuts to fiber lines Newser – Comcast customers across the country are having a rough day with cable and internet. The giant provider initially took note of widespread service outages and explained that a fiber line had been cut. Then the explanation got worse: Comcast Talking to Fox About a Deal, Source Says Comcast said to be interested in same assets Disney was Newser – Comcast is in discussions with 21st Century Fox about buying its movie studio, some cable channels, and its international arms, a person familiar with the situation tells the AP.

This person can’t discuss the matter publicly. The conversations are at a very early stage, and there’s no guarantee The American Customer Satisfaction Index, out Tuesday, ranks America’s most loved and hated companies offering pay-TV, phone, and internet service, and though Comcast finds itself among the least loved companies, it’s not the Philadelphia Bans Asking About Salary History Mayor says he wants to end wage discrimination Newser – Despite a threat from cable giant Comcast to take legal action, Philadelphia has banned employers from asking potential hires to provide their salary history, a move supporters say is a step toward closing the wage gap between men and women.

Mayor Jim Kenney signed the measure, saying he’s confident Customers had registered more than 1, complaints in Comcast Is About to Cap Internet Usage for Millions Its residential internet service will soon resemble your smartphone data plan Newser – Comcast is about to makes its residential internet service a lot more like smartphone data plans for millions of customers, the Washington Post reports.

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Kids Extra — which offers five channels, including Disney Junior and Boomerang. Deportes Extra — which provides seven channels, including Azteca. Peliculas and Novelas Extra — which includes nine channels, including Uni Mas.

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I just like to share when I resolve an issue, which I did, and it was simple. I know others have posted helpful info, but for those that have no idea what a MAC, RJ11 or “port the wiring” means, I’m hoping to help. As well, some short info on having TWO modems You can plug your PC or Router into the new modem it will work , as well as your ONE phone, and get it all working before trying to keep your old modem as well. Believe me, it’s much easier this way.

Be sure you directly connect a home phone standard or wireless into the LINE 1 phone plug in the back of your new modem that was provided. If you have a PC or Mac, directly connect a computer as well. Not a router just yet, get it all working 1st what’s a router?

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Originally Posted by MediocreButArrogant I think Cox can flip the switch in one day, but the problem is that homes with no service often get disconnected in the box out by the street in the ground , so they have to roll a truck to get someone to reconnect your house. This happened to me when I signed up with Cox. The house had service before, but between all the neighbours signing up and terminating service, they had disconnected my house during the period where I was not a customer.

I was able to get Centurylink DSL turned on the same day when I initially signed up, but when I switched to naked DSL after porting my phone to Vonage, it took them two days to reactivate my service. That was when I signed up for Cox and I have kept both services since then. If I were you, and had a smartphone, I’d try to see if I could sign up for tethering for one month, just as cheap insurance.

Biz & IT — New homeowner selling house because he can’t get Comcast Internet “I accidentally bought a house without cable,” writes man who works at home.

On the 8th of Jan you called me to come back and dangled a great deal so I said yes waited till Jan 20 to get my service back with a 4 hour time commitment well 11am your guy shows up states he was giving the wrong order information went to his car to call sup then left really. Now I have been on the phone with customer service since trying to deal with this transferred not sure how many times waited 2 hours for a sup.

I keep getting the answer it is under negotiations. It went off the air September 21, Direct tv owes us that. Jerrold Lafitte December 20, at I first reported problems with my television Dec. I have reported my problems to several Direct Representatives with no result. Representatives keep saying i canceled the request this is a total lie.

I have been given several case numbers and the process starts all over again. One rep told me that she would call me back the same day never happened. Is this a scam? Julia Holliday December 17, at 2: When I first saw it I did not like it and wondered about what young children might think or maybe a person with cognitive disabilities, such as my son.

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Find Answers How to set up your modem and activate your Internet service Congratulations! Use this video to guide you through the setup process. What equipment you’ll need Where and how to set up your modem Activating your Internet service No need to take notes! All the material covered in the video, as well as additional information, is written below.

How to Get Internet Without Cable When talking to people who are interested in cutting the cord, the issue that continually crops up is how to find affordable internet access. Many ask how to obtain internet access without a cable TV bundle.

Most current Spectrum plans do not have a separate modem-rental fee. Telephony modems are more expensive than regular cable modems. The first two versions of DOCSIS used only one downstream channel for downloading data and one upstream channel for uploading data. The jump from 1. Since those channels can combine, you get up to Mbps with a channel modem and up to 1. Wait until you decide to upgrade your plan, or your ISP increases your speed for free which can happen.

Some newer modems support 24 or 32 downstream channels, which could improve the reliability of your connection, but your ISP has to provide those channels for you to get better speeds, and ISPs rarely share channel-bonding information with the public.

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